Design Services

Built on the foundation of architectural design, Plastik Banana Design Werkshop (PBDW) was developed to explore the expanse of drawing tools, computational methods and computer numerically controlled hardware available to designers, artist, architects, and engineers. Since it's inception, PBDW has engaged in many architectural design projects, including high concept interior environmental elements, branded environmental components, furniture, as well as the development of in-house design elements ranging from lights to tactile surfaces. In addition to architectural and interior element design, PBDW also provides support for industrial and product design and production consultation. From the macro, to the micro, Plastik Banana has experience at all scales of the design process.

The Plastik Banana Design Werkshop offers a wide range of digital/analog rendering and 3D modeling solutions for the production of visualization and design representation, both digital and physical. We utilize advanced visualization techniques to achieve conceptual, diagrammatic, photorealistic imagery and architypal models, from prototype to product.